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Surely, I cannot be the only one who hasn’t finished shopping for my son’s easter basket, right? Anyone else? Honestly, the main reason why I’ve not finished is because I don’t get many chances to go to the store without the little man accompanying me, making it near impossible to discreetly buy basket fillers. This Friday though, my husband has the day off work! So, Friday is the day. It’s cutting it a little close for my liking, but hey, you work with what you have, right?

Every Easter Owen has had so far, I’ve made it a point to not put any food in his basket. Obviously, for his first easter (he was about five months old), it was because he hadn’t even started eating solids yet, so food was a no-go. Since then, it’s been a choice we feel is right for our family.  We prefer to have the dessert after Easter dinner be the big treat for the day, and we’ll put those cute bunny crackers in our plastic eggs for the egg hunt instead. Now, if you family does food in your baskets, I’m in no way shape or form saying anything is wrong with it. I was always super excited to dive into the goodies in my basket every Easter, and I’m sure, when he’s a bit older, I may slip a treat or two into Owen’s basket. However, for right now, we prefer not to.

So, what do you put in an Easter basket lacking in those delicious Cadbury mini eggs (those will be in Mum’s secret stash…)? There are quite a few options, even for younger toddlers. Here are our 10 favorite no food Easter basket ideas:

  1. Bubbles – My son and his friends absolutely love bubbles. There are so many different types to choose from, but, honestly, the best bubbles we’ve found so far have been the ones that are meant to be used as party favors. They’re usually in packs of 8-10 for under $5, and they’re great!
  2. Sidewalk Chalk – This was one of my son’s favorite gifts in his basket last year. I love that it encourages his creativity while simultaneously being outside in the fresh air.
  3. Books – I have a huge love for books, and so does my son. If you give him a new book, he’ll ask for it to be read to him multiple times a day, and he’ll even bring it into the car with him to “read” while we’re driving somewhere. Find books about topics that your child is into to help encourage their love for reading.
  4. Small Toys – Again, whatever they’re interested in, find small toys that will fit in the Easter basket. This year, Owen is getting another train for his wooden train track.
  5. Play Doh – I haven’t braved Play Doh yet, but I think this might be the year!
  6. Puzzles – We love puzzles! They’re great to develop fine motor skills and reasoning. I’ve recently found some great ones in the Target Dollar Spot.
  7. Coloring Books – I have some coloring books at Owen’s disposal whenever he wants them, some special ones that we bring along when we go to a relative’s house or out to eat, and one smaller one that stays in my diaper bag at all times as a precaution, just in case I need to entertain him unexpectedly. We have coloring books featuring everything from animals to trains to robots. You can never have enough coloring books!
  8. Craft Supplies – Crayons, markers, paints, etc. are always running out, so they’re a great option to gift. Owen is running low on paint, so that’s one of the things he’ll be getting.
  9. Reusable Stickers – Melissa & Doug have the most amazing reusable stickers! They have multiple scenes with accompanying reusable stickers that cling to them. These hold Owen’s attention for a while, and we bring them anywhere where we know he will need to stay put for extended amounts to time. If you haven’t yet, you guys should seriously check them out. Life. Saving.
  10. A Special Movie – We don’t have TV (we do Netflix and Amazon streaming instead), and we’re not big fans of extended TV watching, but, as a treat, we’ll curl up and watch something fun with Owen. When he was at a friend’s house recently, he saw Curious George for the first time, and he loved it. So, I’m thinking about hunting down the Curious George Easter movie to put in his basket, so he has something fun to watch for Easter.

I’d love to hear your ideas for Easter baskets! What are some of your favorite non-food Easter basket fillers?