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In north Texas, as well as much of the southern United States, spring doesn’t necessarily just mean “spring showers.” It also means tornado season. We get intense storms that occasionally decide to go rogue, and we end up in a bathroom with the entire family. Not necessarily my favorite thing to do, but it’s just part of living here. We get gorgeous weather most of the day, then an intense storm develops, and we had to move things inside.

It was during one of those stormy days when I was trying to entertain my energetic toddler that I decided to improvise and take advantage of my education degree a little bit. Owen was really into The Very Hungry Caterpillar that week, so I decided to find some activities to do with him related to the book. Naturally, Pinterest came to my rescue, and I was able fill an afternoon with all things caterpillars!


We started by reading the book. And then we read it a couple of more times because, well, I have a toddler. Once Owen was satisfied with the amount of times we read the book, I got out some printables that I had previously printed out from Pinterest and some pom-poms, and he went to work! I guided him through each number, counting out the pom-poms as he placed them and then, once he finished the sheet, asking him to point to the colors as I said them (at the time, he could only say the color “blue.” He’s now able to say all of his colors).



Next up, we worked on our letters. I found a cute idea where you make a caterpillar with your child’s name. First, I had Owen draw on a piece of construction paper while I cut out circles, wrote the letters of his name, drew the head of the caterpillar, and bent some pipe cleaners in to antenna. I put the letters into a random order and guided him through spelling out his name. He already knows the first letter of his name is O, and for the other three letters of his name, I asked him to show me the letter that made the sound I made (for example, “which letter sounds like “eh?”). We did this in the order of his name, until it was assembled. Then, we went back, and he told me the names and sounds of the letters one more time before I glued them down for him. He’s so proud of his caterpillar! It’s currently hanging on our fridge, and he still likes to show it to guests and tell them what the letters are and what it spells. So cute!


Finally, I wanted to get him moving. Our house isn’t the biggest, but we do have a decent sized living room, so I looked around for something active to pull up on YouTube that had to do with our theme. I saw someone raving about Cosmic Kids Yoga, and there just so happened to be an episode featuring The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I put it on, but, honestly, it was a bit too old of a concept for him. He enjoyed having the yoga mat pulled out, he thought it was hilarious watching Mum do all of the poses with the woman on the TV, and he maybe tried to copy a couple. Other than that, he mostly just tried to tackle me and use me as a bridge when I was in downward dog. So…at least he was active?

I found so many fun activities featuring the book that, honestly, if I wanted to, I could probably make an entire week’s worth of activities just on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. There’s such a wealth of resources online. It definitely helped make our stormy afternoon more fun!